To help visitors from abroad, UW set up the Welcome Point – an information point where everyone, especially students, can get help and information during their stay at the University of Warsaw. Currently, WP is situated in its pavilion.

WP is open all year long. One can find it in the St. Roch Hospital on the UW main campus. However, from 17th September until 12th October, its employees will assist international students, and everyone who needs help, in the pavilion situated in the small courtyard.


WP provides basic information regarding, e.g. the legalisation of stay, health care or accommodation. Students can also learn important issues related to their studies. They can find out about how to register for courses, set an e-mail account, get an electronic student card, use libraries, sign up for the Polish language course, etc. The WP employees are eager to tell their visitors about cultural and sports activities at the University of Warsaw as well as tourist attractions in the city.


The UW unit cooperates closely with the university units, including Admissions OfficeInternational Relations OfficeOffice for Student Affairs.


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