On 8th February the University of Warsaw and the Paris-Sorbonne University have concluded an agreement regarding research, teaching, and cultural activity.


Both universities will conduct joint research projects, organise conferences and events, work together on publications, exchange students, academic staff as well. Institutions are eager to develop Centre for French Culture and Francophone Studies of the University of Warsaw (Centre de Civilisation Francaise et d’Etudes Francophones) and the Centre de civilisation polonaise of the Paris-Sorbonne University. The agreement will last 4 years.


– In one year the UW will mark 60th anniversary of the foundation of Centre for French Culture and Francophone Studies. The Centre de civilisation polonaise was also established in the same time – said Prof. Marcin Pałys.


The agreement was signed by Prof. Marcin Pałys, the University of Warsaw Rector and Prof. Barthélémy Jobert, the Paris-Sorbonne University President. Afterwards, both parts opened the exhibition regarding Polish-French cooperation. It comprises 30 boards with significant people connected with two countries, among others, Ferdynand Foch, Leszek Kołakowski, Czesław Miłosz, Jerzy Giedroyc and Witold Gombrowicz. Boards present also information about the history of the University.


The exhibition will be available till 3rd March.