Fifteen European associations of universities have joined efforts to call for an ambitious “Horizon Europe” budget that would invest in excellent, cross-border research, education and innovation. More than 300 universities, research centres and other organisations signed this call. One of them is the University of Warsaw.


“Seize our common future” is a call of European scientific institutions to strengthen the R&I investment at European level and urge them to raise the budget of the next EU Programme for R&I (2021-2027), “Horizon Europe”, to at least €120 billion. “Horizon Europe” is a planned 7-year European Union scientific research initiative. Among the aims of this programme there are: supporting the EU’s science and technology base, as well as the research area in Europe, enhancing the innovative capacity, and meeting citizens’ priorities.


As it’s written in the document, “even though a greater amount would be needed to solve the big challenges mentioned above and match the programme’s ambitions, this commitment would give the right signal to boost the public and private R&I investment in Europe. It would also demonstrate Europe’s leadership to rise to the challenges ahead. The European R&I community is fully committed in playing its part together with societal actors”.


More than 300 universities, research centres and other organizations have signed the call. One of the #EUInvestInKnowledge campaign’s participants is the University of Warsaw.