This year, the University of Warsaw is celebrating the 207th anniversary of its establishement. To mark the occasion, a concert entitled “Sceniczne harmonie” was held on 17th November. The University’s artistic ensembles as well as the singer and multi-instrumentalist Sławek Uniatowski were performing during the event.

The University of Warsaw was established by an edict of Tsar Alexander I on 19th November 1816. To celebrate the University’s anniversary, a special concert is organised every year.


This year, the University’s artistic ensembles performed: the University of Warsaw Choir under the direction of Irina Bogdanovich, the Hybrydy Theatre and the “Warszawianka” Song and Dance Ensemble. The special guest of the evening was the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sławek Uniatowski, who presented an original recital.


Musical birthday

During the event, the audience heard excerpts from Adiemus, the work by Sir Karl Jenkins, the Welsh composer, performed by the academic choir. The composition refers to the New Age trend and combines features of ethnic music with European classical music.


The Hybrydy Theatre presented an entertainment programme with lyrics by Wojciech Młynarski, Jacek Cygan and Jonasz Kofta, and music by Julio Iglesias, Albert Hammond and Andrzej Zieliński, among others.


The “Warszawianka” Song and Dance Ensemble presented their programme in three parts introducing the world of traditional, jazz and contemporary dance.


The second part of the concert featured Sławek Uniatowski – the singer, composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist – who, accompanied by the pianist Szymon Szczot, played an original recital.