UW students and doctoral candidates can sign up for online or hybrid courses offered by the 4EU+ Alliance universities in the summer semester of the 2023/2024 academic year. Currently, it is possible to register for classes at the University of Heidelberg. 

The 4EU+ Alliance universities offer online or hybrid courses to students and doctoral candidates. Charles University, the University of Geneva, Sorbonne University and the University of Milan have previously published their educational offer. Now, 4EU+ students and doctoral candidates can take courses offered by the University of Heidelberg.


There is also open registration for some courses at the University of Milan and Sorbonne University.


Classes in Heidelberg

The University of Heidelberg has opened registration for fourteen courses. The course catalogue includes, among others, European Criminal LawThe Endocrine System, Political Ecology: An Introduction, Current Issues in Linguistics and Translation Studies or Canon Law.


One can sign up for courses until 30th March. Most of the classes begin in the second half of April.


Detailed information is available on the 4EU+ Student Portal >>


Classes in Milan and at Sorbonne

MA students can still sign up for three courses organised by the University of Milan: Globalisation and Cultural DiversityThe Criminal Editing of Music: An Introduction, and Society and Sharia in The Middle East. Registration is open until 1st April.


Doctoral candidates, MA and BA students can take a course entitled Thinking AI: Bringing together ethical, legal and social aspects of AI. Registration is open until 31st July.


More information is available on the 4EU+ Student Portal >>