On 10th-11th June, the University of Warsaw will organise a workshop on the challenges Europe faces in times of global crises. The event is open to 4EU+ doctoral candidates. 

Researchers engaged in the 4EU+ Flagship 2 prepared the workshop entitled Challenges for Europeanness in Times of Global Crises: Initiatives for a Responsible, Open and Progressive Europe in the 21st Century.


The event is open to doctoral candidates from all eight member universities: University of Warsaw, University of Geneva, Heidelberg University, Charles University in Prague, University of Copenhagen, University of Milan, University of Paris-Panthéon-Assas and Sorbonne University.


The workshop will address various aspects of European identity in times of crisis.


Participants will have an opportunity to present their research topics and join lectures and panel discussions.


The workshop submission form should be sent via email to Prof. Kamila Miłkowska-Samul,

Flagship 2 co-coordinator: kmilkowska(at)uw.edu.pl. The deadline for abstract submission was 15th April.


Detailed information about the event is available on the 4EU+ website.