The new academic year will begin on 1st October. Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, Rector of the University of Warsaw, has defined the rules for the organisation of education in the upcoming academic year 2021/2022 and the rules for the organisation of online classes, examinations and credits.


UW’s priority is to ensure the safety of its entire community and provide access to education at the highest level. Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, Rector of the University of Warsaw, has decided that teaching and learning at the University of Warsaw will be held on-site. However, there will be a possibility to conduct selected didactic classes remotely. The decision was made based on the repealed regulation of the Minister of Education and Science as of 25th February 2021 on temporarily limiting the operation of universities during the COVID-19 pandemic and taking into account the current epidemic situation, as well as in response to numerous voices from the academic community of UW.


Due to the Rector’s ordinances, heads of teaching units and directors of doctoral schools are entitled to specify which didactic classes will be conducted online.

As of 1st October 2021, the following regulations will apply:


  • Classes will, in principle, be held on-site;
  • As for full-time study programmes: 1st, 2nd and long cycle – uniform Master’s studies, as well as doctoral schools, selected didactic classes in particular: lectures, courses and training, may exceptionally be conducted remotely;
  • Regarding part-time study programmes: 1st, 2nd and long cycle – uniform Master’s studies, as well as doctoral studies, post-graduate studies, courses and training, all classes may be held remotely;
  • As part of an individual course, student groups can be divided into those that conduct on-site classes and those that carry them out remotely;
  • Language classes and university-wide classes may be conducted remotely.


The decision to conduct classes entirely remotely or partly remotely can be made by:

  • The Head of teaching unit: it refers to 1st, 2nd and long cycle – uniform Master’s studies and post-graduate studies;
  • The Head of doctoral studies: it refers to classes conducted as part of doctoral study programmes;
  • The Director of doctoral school: it refers to classes conducted in doctoral schools;
  • The Head of an organisational unit or another designated person: it refers to courses and training.

Classes in remote mode cannot be held only asynchronously.


  • Classes, which were supposed to be held on-site, can be conducted remotely for a specified period, following the consent of the head of the didactic unit or the director of the doctoral school, respectively.
  • Participants must be notified about the transition to remote mode at least 24 hours in advance.


  • Exams and credits will be conducted on-site;
  • In justified cases, it will be possible to verify learning outcomes in an online format;
  • Diploma examinations will be conducted on-site. Heads of teaching units can decide on the possible remote procedure at the request of the supervisor of the diploma dissertation.


  • The information on the remote mode of exams and credits will be included in the syllabus. If there is no such information in the syllabus, exams or credits will be held on-site;
  • In justified cases, heads of teaching units or directors of doctoral schools can decide to conduct exams remotely in a situation when there had been no information about it in the syllabus;
  • In principle, the following IT tools will be used to conduct online examinations: e-learning platform “Kampus”; Google tools available in the “G Suite for schools and universities” package, in particular, Google Meet; Microsoft Teams and “Zoom”;
  • Certification exams in modern foreign languages may be conducted online.


  • Consultations and duty hours of academic teachers for students, doctoral candidates and postgraduate students will be held on-site in the buildings of the University of Warsaw.
  • In justified cases, consultations and duty hours of academic teachers may be held online.


  • It is mandatory to cover the mouth and nose with a face mask in the UW buildings.
  • Due to the nature of classes, academic teachers can decide that participants may not wear face masks.
  • Academic teachers are not obliged to cover their mouth and nose.


  • Students and doctoral candidates who cannot participate in classes conducted on-site due to their health condition can request an individual organisation of education. The consent may be granted by the head of the teaching unit or the director of the doctoral school;
  • Absence from classes conducted on-site, resulting from quarantine or isolation, will be excused.

View the two ordinances issued by the UW Rector on 16th September 2021:

In addition, ordinance no. 98 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of 18th June 2021 on the operation of the University of Warsaw in the COVID-19 epidemic is still in force. View this ordinance (in Polish) >>