Life-saving pancakes, Arabic soup, and vegan spaghetti are examples of recipes of UW students’ favourite dishes included in the Polish-English “Student Cookbook”. The culinary publication is joint work of the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw (VC UW) and students. It is available online.

The idea for the project “Student Cookbook” appeared in the spring of 2020, during the pandemic. In these unusual circumstances, cooking was one of the ways to break away from reality. As of November, UW students could send their favourite recipes, adding anecdotes and interesting stories related to their preparation. Participants were also invited to an online culinary workshop, during which they learned how to prepare simple and healthy meals and had a good time together. The culinary publication “Student Cookbook” is the result of the project.


In the ebook, one can find ideas for snacks, desserts, and quick to make dishes in vegan, vegetarian and meat versions. 

“Student Cookbook”

The publication is available online >>

“Student Cookbook” is free of charge.


Student Cookbook


VC UW encourages to share the publication, try recipes and post photos of prepared dishes on social media using the following tags and hashtags:

  • Instagram: @ucw_uw,
  • Facebook: @UCWUW,
  • #przepisnikstudenckiuw #studentcookbookuw #uniwersyteckiecentrumwolontariatu #vcuw.


Sharing the publication with the University of Warsaw community is not the end of the project. The Volunteer Centre of UW is planning other attractions related with cooking. More information will be available on the VC UW social media.


More information about the “Student Cookbook” project is available on the VC UW website >>