On 29th May, the UW rector issued a document including technical information on defending doctoral dissertations in remote mode.

The defence of the doctoral dissertation is a public event. It is divided into two parts. First is open to other participants. In this time, the scientific achievements of a candidate applying for a doctoral degree, a summary of the doctoral dissertation and its reviews are presented. Afterwards, a public discussion begins where all participants of the meeting can ask questions.


The second part of the defence is attended only by members of the exam board. They adopt a resolution, being a result of secret voting, that call on a scientific council of the study discipline either to grant the doctoral candidate the doctoral degree or not.


The public part of defence is recorded as video and audio over Google Meet. If there is an appropriate contract or license, the head of the unit can apply to the rector and request to use another IT tool which needs to be accepted by the UW Data Protection Officer. Those who want to attend the public part are requested to register first as participants. The second part can be conducted over Chat in Google Meet or “Ankieter”.

Rules included in the order of the UW rector apply to doctoral examinations in proceedings aimed at awarding the doctoral degree, instituted by 30th April 2019, as well as examinations in the scientific discipline, in proceedings aimed at awarding the doctoral degree, instituted after 30th September 2019.