Career development and mobility are key factors in the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers. The University of Warsaw is implementing a number of actions to support and reinforce internationalisation. Among the introduced initiatives there is the Welcome Point.

One of the aims of the IDUB Programme – the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” is to maintain an appropriate level of internationalisation. The programme covers actions for international employees to facilitate their adaptation in new surroundings of culture, life and work in Poland.


Every one international member of the University of Warsaw’s community can rely on the support from the Welcome Point team.


The actions that have been undertaken by the Welcome Point (WP) include:

  • a new section of the WP web page with essential information for international employees. The web page is updated regularly;
  • direct and online support services in administration procedures, legalisation of stay, moving to Warsaw etc. The WP offices are present in three locations: the Main Campus at Krakowskie Przedmieście, the Ochota Campus, and the Faculty of Economic Sciences;
  • under the Volunteer Support Programme, UW student volunteers can help international employees with formal administrative issues related to their work at the UW and their stay in Poland. The programme is run together with the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw.
  • workshops and trainings in the Polish culture, language and work environment. The adaptation programme includes:
  1. Intercultural communication trainings, e.g. “Poland and Poles – Cultural Orientation” and “Onboarding at the UW” provide a smooth assimilation to the academic environment in Poland, its norms, customs and communication in multicultural surroundings. The participants have an opportunity to discuss and exchange their ideas and experiences in particular situations related to studying at the University of Warsaw.
  2. “Introduction to the USOSweb” for international academic teachers.
  3. “Library Training for UW International staff”, in cooperation with the University of Warsaw Library.
  4. “Polish Personal Income Taxes for International Employees” – an online course with a tax professional about a tax system and tax legal procedures in Poland.
  5. “Campus Orientation”, which is guided walks around the UW campus at Krakowskie Przedmieście. The guide shows meaningful buildings that are situated within the main campus area, as well as reveals some historical peculiarities. Such tours offer a splendid chance to meet and integrate with other international colleagues from various faculties spread throughout Warsaw.
  6. Polish language courses, such as a summer intensive course or regular courses on different levels, from beginners to advanced learners.

The Welcome Point also offers a wide range of support to students and doctoral candidates. The WP team organises various meetings and workshops for them. The list of available initiatives is presented on the WP web page >>


Other actions by the Welcome Point cover:

  • building up the offer of workshops for international staff. This includes also a questionnaire among students/employees to assess which workshops and trainings they would be most eager to attend;
  • matchmaking meetings for international employees;
  • information guides for new employees from abroad;
  • the Internet Registration for Guests System as an administrative database to record the presence of visitors to the University of Warsaw and provide them with access to systems and services available at the UW.