Recruitment procedures for the “Solidarity with Ukraine” programme start on 6th June. The course lasts from 1st July to 30th September. The National Agency for Academic Exchange granted 350,000 zł to the University of Warsaw for this project.

The National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) granted the funding of 350,000 zł to the University of Warsaw. The awarded funding is allocated for scholarships of students and doctoral candidates who had to flee from Ukraine and decided to stay in Poland.


One of the modules is dedicated to the Ukrainians who hold the status of a student in Ukraine in the 2021/22 academic year, crossed the border of the Republic of Poland not earlier than 24th February 2022, and intend to continue their studies at the University of Warsaw.


All participants will receive free education, as well as a scholarship of 1,500 zł per month.

The main aims of the course are:


  • learning Polish, with an emphasis on communication and vocabulary useful during studies,
  • learning English,
  • preparation for the studies at the UW, i.e. learning its structure, rules and regulations, as well as various opportunities,
  • adaptation to new circumstances,
  • providing basic knowledge about Polish culture and communication in the multicultural environment,
  • strengthening personal, social and digital competences, including skills in coping with stress, mental resilience, time management and organisation of own work, team work, learning techniques, operating information systems essential in the education process.

The  inauguration of the course will take place on 1st July. Participants will learn about the programme and the rules of participation, about the structure of the University (who is who), and find out what fields of studies and opportunities of research are offered by the UW.


After the official part, there will be a walking guided tour around the Main Campus of the University of Warsaw. The participants will learn about its history and interesting facts, as well as the people associated with the UW.


Each participant is offered psychological and legal assistance, as well as the support of mentors from the Erasmus Student Network and administration at the UW.


There will also be the second module of the programme, dedicated to doctoral candidates from Ukrainian universities who would like to continue their doctoral dissertation at the University of Warsaw.


Admissions will be conducted from 6th to 19th June via the Admission System for Candidates from Ukraine website.


The admission criteria include the submission of a complete application for the studies at the University of Warsaw. Applications are processed in the order they are received.