The University of Warsaw Library will extend its working hours from 23rd January to 4th February. “BUW for owls” is an initiative for those who prefer burning the midnight oil.


The winter examination session at the University of Warsaw will begin on 28th January to 10th February. Students, employees and all library cards holders can work in the library untill early morning hours.


From Monday 23rd January to Saturday 4th February the UW Library will be open until 5 am. After 10 pm Information Desk and Reading Room as well as open stacks on 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels will be available.


On Saturdays (28th January and 4th February) the Library will be open until 9 pm, on Sundays (29th January and 5th February) from 3pm to 8 pm.


After 10 pm (Monday-Friday) and on Sundays, Circulation Desk and Storage will be closed. After 9 pm (Monday-Friday) Current Periodicals Reading Room will be closed.


More information available on the website of the University of Warsaw Library.