One month ago we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the University of Warsaw. During the ceremony in the Warsaw Philharmonic I recalled words of Prof. Tadeusz Kotarbiński, who was an important and unique person not only for our University but also for Polish academic community. Professor claimed that in order to achieve the best results we need both young people, full of zeal, as well as experienced, wise “old heads”. Our University comprises these two elements – energy of young generations and wisdom of masters. We should build our prosperity on them.


Bearing in mind these words I would like to wish all members of our academic community and friends of the University all the best in the upcoming New Year. I would like to wish you numerous ambitious and interesting challenges which cause enthusiasm, passion and creativity and enable you to get and increase experience.


I hope that Christmas will be a time when everyone can slow down, rest, spend time with family, come back to unfinished conversations or books – find time for those things that we continuously postpone in our everyday life. Merry Christmas!


Professor Marcin Pałys

Rector of the University of Warsaw