Prof. Mirosława Czerny from the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, the Director of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences at the UW, has received an honorary doctorate from the Autonomous University of Mexico State in Toluca. She has been analysing urban and regional phenomena and processes in Latin America throughout her professional life.


Prof. Miroslawa Czerny is a geographer, currently working at the Chair of Urban Geography and Spatial Planning as well as holding the position of the Director of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences, the University of Warsaw. The researcher’s collaboration with the Autonomous University of the Mexico State in Toluca (The Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, UAEM) began in 1977, when she joined a group of geographers from the University of Warsaw organising the second Polish-Mexican symposium. Since then, Prof. Czerny has been participating in a number of scientific projects in Mexico.


Research in Latin America

The researcher was awarded an honorary doctorate from the UAEM for her contribution to the development of urban and regional research in Latin America and her great commitment to scientific cooperation between universities. This collaboration has resulted in a number of such projects as a study of development in the Nordeste del Estado de México or research on the metropolitan zone of the city of Toluca as well as the region inhabited by the indigenous population of Mazahua.


“For many years, we have been collaborating within the RED TEMÁTICA Internacional de territorios, sustentabilidad y gobernanza en México y Polonia (RETESYG) research network, whose activities are funded by the UAEM. We organise scientific conferences, congresses and symposia together, and we also produce publications,” Prof. Czerny says.


The ceremony of awarding the honorary doctorate took place on the 7th September at the headquarters of the Mexican university.