The authorities of the University of Warsaw have issued a notice regarding education in the 2021/2022 academic year.

Following the consultations with heads of units at the University of Warsaw and taking into account students and doctoral candidates’ opinion, the UW authorities have decided to start preparations to resume teaching and learning on-site in the coming academic year. It is recommended to organise socialising meetings for freshers at the UW premises already in September. The implementation of this plan, however, will depend on a pandemic situation and future legal provisions. It mainly refers to the regulations related to fighting the pandemic and shaping the higher education system, which the University is ready to support.


Representatives of given units pointed out that it is difficult to achieve some of the educational results remotely. When it comes to the master and apprentice relationshipthe remote mode is not the greatest ally. The authorities do not lose sight of the psychological difficulties resulting from online teaching and learning. In this mode, it is challenging to pursue academic life, being essential for the university, foster student and doctoral candidate self-organisation or scientific activities. The results of surveys carried out at UW confirmed the eagerness of the academic community to return to getting education inside the walls of the university.


It is worth keeping trusted didactic innovations brought about by distance learning. The UW authorities, aware of those last year’s achievements, will strive to use and develop them. Asynchronous lectures belong to the solutions widely approved by the UW community.


As a consequence, following the internal voice of the university, the UW authorities have decided that education in the next academic year at the University of Warsaw will, as a matter of principle, take place on-site unless it will be necessary to introduce exceptions resulting from the justified needs and capabilities of individual teaching units.