The UW has started admission procedures for doctoral candidates. This year the offer includes 330 places in the four doctoral schools of: the Humanities, Social Sciences, Exact and Natural Sciences, and the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School.

The doctoral education lasts four years. Doctoral candidates can learn the English language. Classes are conducted onsite. Each person attending the school receives a doctoral scholarship. After the first year an individual research plan is required, and after two years the candidates are subject to mid-term evaluation. The education is believed to be completed on delivering the doctoral dissertation.


Doctoral supervisor

A potential supervisor can only be a person with the habilitated doctor (doktor habilitowany) degree, or an equivalent degree, or the title of professor, or the status of retired professor at the University of Warsaw. Finding a supervisor should precede the recruitment process to a doctoral school.


Doctoral candidates can search through the database of the UW academics who are willing to perform the function of a doctoral dissertation supervisor. The list of potential supervisors is available here >>


Disciplines and admission limits for 2022/2023

The Doctoral School of Humanities – the IRK registration is open through 10th May – 7th June:


  • Archaeology – admission limit 7;
  • Philosophy – admission limit 11;
  • History – admission limit 16;
  • Linguistics – admission limit 23;
  • Literary Studies – admission limit 25;
  • Culture and Religion Studies – admission limit 12;
  • Arts Studies – admission limit 6.


The Doctoral School of Social Sciences – the IRK registration is open from 10th May to 7th June:


  • Economics and Finance – admission limit 13;
  • Social and Economic Geography and Spatial Management – admission limit 5;
  • Security Studies – admission limit 4;
  • Social Communication and Media Studies – admission limit 5;
  • Political Science and Public Administration – admission limit 18;
  • Management and Quality Studies – admission limit 5;
  • Law – admission limit 25;
  • Sociology – admission limit 11;
  • Pedagogics – admission limit 5;
  • Psychology – admission limit 9.


The Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences – the IRK registration is open between 1st April and 19th May:


  • Astronomy – admission limit 5;
  • Mathematics and informatics – admission limit 22;
  • Biological Sciences – admission limit 17;
  • Chemical Sciences – admission limit 18;
  • Physical Sciences – admission limit 27;
  • Earth and related Environmental Sciences – admission limit 11.


The Interdisciplinary Doctoral School launches the IRK registration from 5th May until 19th June:


  • MSD – admission limit 20;
  • Quantitative Psychology and Economics – admission limit 10.