On 25th-26th March, the UW Welcome Point and the UW Human Resources Office organise cultural orientation training for the international staff of the university. The registration closes on 23rd March.

The training aims to get participants acquainted with elements and mechanisms of Polish culture. It will be conducted in an interactive and practical mode. Participants will be able to share their experience and concerns connected with relocation and interaction with the culture of Poland.


To take part, please register by clicking the link >>


The event will take place on 25th-26th March, 4:00 pm-7:30 pm.

Training Agenda
  • Dealing with Culture Shock and Acculturation Process
  • Polish Culture – a short overview:
    • Symbols
    • Important Figures
    • Behaviour and Communication Styles
    • Values
    • Important Dates
  • The Most Significant Polish Historical and Cultural Contexts
  • My culture and Polish Culture – Similarities and Differences based on the theories of the Dimensions of Culture
  • Polish Academic Culture:
    • Academic Values and Cultural Differences
    • Communication with Students and Academics
    • Organisational Culture of the University of Warsaw

More information is available at www.welcome.uw.edu.pl.