On 8th May, the 3rd edition of the UW choir music festival entitled the Choirs’ Spring will began with an opening concert. This year, students from the University of Warsaw, Sorbonne University, University of Heidelberg and Charles University, all four being partners in the 4EU+ Alliance, give several performances. The event marks an important step towards a more intensive cultural cooperation among 4EU+ partners.

Choirs are a great way of bringing a group of people together, nurturing their music talents and creating a sense of community. Choirs’ Spring Festival at the University of Warsaw aims to tighten international cultural collaboration and give an opportunity for each choral ensemble to showcase their talents.


During this edition of the festival, the University of Warsaw and other places throughout the city become concert venues. Live performances are given by more than 200 students representing four academic choirs: the University of Warsaw Choir, Collegium Musicum Heidelberg, Chœur & Orchestre Sorbonne Universités, and Collegium Pedagogicum Univerzita Karlova.


Entry to the festival is free of charge.

In the programme:
  • Opening Concert

Performing: all invited choirs

Date and venue: 8th May at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium Maximum building of the University of Warsaw


  • French choir music

Performing: Chœur & Orchestre Sorbonne Universités

Date and venue: 9th May at 6:00 p.m. in the Column Hall (Institute of History, University of Warsaw)


  • Concert of sacred music

Performing: Collegium Musicum Heidelberg and the University of Warsaw Choir

Date and venue: 10th May at 7:30 p.m. at St. Martin’s Church


  • Choirs’ Spring in the Gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw

Performing: Collegium Pedagogicum Univerzita Karlova and the University of Warsaw Choir

Date and venue: 11th May in the Kubicki Arcades and the Royal Gardens