Academic teachers of the University of Warsaw can submit their courses conducted in the summer semester of the 2023/2024 academic year as part of the 4EU+ shared courses initiative. Classes will be open to students and doctoral candidates from all member universities of the 4EU+ Alliance. 

 UW academic teachers can now submit courses conducted (including assessment) in an online or hybrid mode to be made accessible to students and doctoral candidates of the 4EU+ Alliance partner universities. The shared courses initiative is one of the key elements of the educational collaboration between 4EU+ member universities. It was first launched in the 2020/2021 academic year.


To this date, UW lecturers have made more than 230 shared courses available to 4EU+ participants, with almost 350 students from all member universities enrolled.

Proposals for shared courses must be submitted by 19th January 2024 using the table in the Google Sheet: link >>.

The most important information on the courses that will be made available to 4EU+ students and doctoral candidates:
  • courses must be conducted in an online or hybrid mode to allow students from other 4EU+ member universities to participate in and complete the course;
  • only courses from the current offer for the UW students can be shared. Proposals for new courses initiated and co-developed within the 4EU+ cooperation will not be accepted;
  • courses can be taught in all languages;
  • classes should be conducted using innovative methods and techniques (examples of good practices and recommendations can be found under this link >> and here >>);
  • courses should support the development of competences recognised by the 4EU+ Alliance as a key in the European education: multilingualism, digital literacy, societal engagement, critical thinking and entrepreneurship.

More information on how to share courses as part of the 4EU+ initiative is available in the attached document.