More than 300 higher education institutions from 31 European countries including all EU member states were involved in the first pilot call under the European Commission’s “European Universities Initiative”. The 4EU+ Alliance, to which the University of Warsaw belongs, is among the 54 alliances that submitted their applications in the Erasmus+ “European Universities” call.

The European Commission’ s goal of the “European Universities Initiative” is to boost European cooperation and strengthen academic performance. The EC has allocated EUR 60 million under the Erasmus+ programme. The funds, which will be awarded to 12 different university alliances, will be used to explore various models for collaboration. The first European Universities should be selected by summer 2019. A second pilot call is set to follow later this year.


Applications in the first pilot call

54 alliances, including the 4EU+ Alliance, submitted their applications in the Erasmus+ “European Universities” dedicated call. Among the institutions are comprehensive and research-based universities, universities of applied sciences, technical universities, and medical schools. Alliances of chosen partners from all types of higher education institution cover a broad European geographic scope. Around 80% of the proposed alliances have between five and eight partners.


The 4EU+ Alliance

4EU+ is an alliance of six European research-intensive universities: University of Warsaw, Charles University, Heidelberg University, Sorbonne University, University of Copenhagen, and University of Milano. The 4EU+ member institutions are leading universities that are recognised nationally, within Europe, and internationally. The alliance will educate Europeans who can work together across languages, borders and disciplines. 4EU+ has one vision: to create a new quality of cooperation in teaching, education, research and administration. To build this new kind of integrated European university system, the 4EU+ Alliance will focus on three challenges: boost meaningful mobility; increase inclusiveness and balance at a European level; develop a common challenge-based framework for education. The application of 4EU+ in the “European Universities” call was submitted on 28th February.


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