The UNICA network and the 4EU+ Alliance, which the University of Warsaw is a member of, organised a series of webinars regarding the European education. On 21st February, the first online meeting on the European degree, students’ involvement and the role of European university alliances took place.

The Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe (UNICA) is a network of 53 universities from all over Europe. It is a forum where university authorities and employees across Europe can share their experiences.


Also, the UW is one of the eight research-intensive European universities being part of the 4EU+ Alliance. The interuniversity collaboration concerns world-class research, joint study programmes, doctoral education, as well as joint initiatives related to innovation, technology transfer and academic social responsibility.


The two institutions (UNICA and 4EU+) jointly organise a series of education-related webinars. The first meeting was an opportunity to exchange views on European degrees, students’ involvement and the role of European university alliances.


Dr Marta Jaworska-Oknińska from the Office for International Research and Liaison of the University of Warsaw, the Project Officer and Educational Coordinator at the 4EU+ Alliance consortium, was be among the speakers, presenting findings from the European Degree Label Student survey.