On 29th June, the rectors of the universities, that belong to the 4EU Alliance, gathered in Prague and discuss the key issues related to the collaboration between partner universities.

On 10th March, four European universities, the University of Warsaw, Charles University, Sorbonne University and Heidelberg University, signed a declaration regarding the formation of a European University Alliance which will bring together academics, researchers and students. Read more >>


Several meetings of the representatives of four universities (rectors, vice-rector and administrative staff) have taken place since March.


On 29th June, 4EU Alliance rectors – Prof. Marcin Pałys, Rector of the University of Warsaw, Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Zima, DrSc.,MBA, Rector of the Charles University, Prof. Dr Jean Chambaz, President of the Sorbonne Université, and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bernhard Eitel, President of the Heidelberg University – were talking about the future collaboration in four main areas: the teaching of students and doctoral students, research which has an impact on society, initiatives regarding the social responsibility of university as well as cooperation between the administrative staff.


They chose joint research projects and study programmes which will get funding. There were approximately 100 projects on the list prepared by vice-rectors, deans, heads of departments and researchers.


“We would like to work together to create study programmes. Our students, e.g. second-year students could spend a few months in Heidelberg or Prague. They would have a possibility to get an education from the best experts in a particular field. French and Czech students could come to Warsaw for some months too,” says Prof. Maciej Duszczyk, UW Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations. It is estimated that first students will go abroad to one of a partner university in 2020.


Each university allocated EUR 100 000 for a common fund. Besides this amount, partners try to get additional funding from their domestic institutions.


In order to spread information and promote the idea of 4EU Alliance, the University of Warsaw designated deans and other representatives of units as people responsible for the cooperation within 4EU.