Four inter-university teams have received funding in the second edition of UW research mini-grants that support joint research initiatives in the 4EU+ flagships.

The mini-grants are funded by UW from the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” project. The aim of both the first (pilot) and the second edition of the call was to strengthen research collaboration within the 4EU+ Alliance. The second call was open to research initiatives in the four Flagships of the Alliance:


The University of Warsaw has selected four projects. Three of them will be implemented within the Flagship 2: “Europe in a changing world: understanding societies, economies, cultures and languages”:

  • “Motherhood Studies Network”, coordinated by Dr. hab. Justyna Wierzchowska from the UW Faculty of Modern Languages. Participating institutions: Charles University and the University of Copenhagen.
  • “Social vulnerability to natural hazards and disaster risk reduction in Europe”, coordinated by Dr. Dorota Rucińska from the UW Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies. Participating institutions: Charles University, Heidelberg University, University of Milan, and the University of Milano-Bicocca (external partner).
  • “Transnational legal communication on Covid-19: from institutional to popular discourse”, coordinated by Dr hab. Joanna Osiejewicz from the UW Faculty of Applied Linguistics. Participating institutions: Charles University, University of Copenhagen, and the University of Milan.

One project responds to the challenges addressed by Flagship 1: “Health and demographic change in an urban environment”:

  • “Caregiver-child interactions and social-cognitive processing in typical and atypical development”, coordinated by Dr. Agnieszka Pluta, the UW Faculty of Psychology. Participating institutions: Heidelberg University, University of Copenhagen, University of Milan, and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (external partner).

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