Its aim is to connect students, doctoral students and employees of the University of Warsaw to innovation and investment. The UW incubator is open now.


The academic incubator is a part of the University Technology Transfer Centre (UTTC UW) which supports researchers in the commercialisation of their undertakings. Students, doctoral students and scholars of the UW, representing all scientific disciplines, can use the UW incubator to develop their business activities.


– The incubator will not be a single place at the UW. It is one of the initiatives reinforcing entrepreneurship at our university. We have already established the University Technology Transfer Centre, UWRC Ltd. and seven corporate spin-offs – said Professor Marcin Pałys, the Rector of the University of Warsaw, during the incubator opening ceremony at the Biological and Chemical Research Centre of the UW.


An objective of the UW incubator is to develop academic entrepreneurship. It is a perfect place for those who:

  • seeks inspiration,
  • have an idea,
  • have a business plan.
  • would like to develop their company.


– We would like the participants of projects to set up start-ups or NGOs. What is more, we would like to encourage others to initiate changes to companies or local communities – said Jacek Sztolcman, the head of incubator


Individual approach

The UW incubator provides not only well-equipped facilities, but also expert support, individual mentoring, workshops and trainings. The experts in promotion, marketing, sales, law and team management will have their duty hours.


Students, doctoral students and employees can use the UW incubator for free (up to 1,5 years). Students can get financial support for their projects. It will be possible for them to do their working experience there. Companies and start-ups may rent the facilities of the UW incubator.