University of Warsaw University job offers

Academic support for the employment of researchers from Ukraine.

A position of a senior assistant under the National Science Centre project led by Prof. Marcin Solarz, the UW Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, is open for application. The offered position is part time, and dedicated to cartographers. More details in the Ukrainian language are available on >>


The UW Faculty of History is recruiting for the positions of a teaching assistant. The positions are dedicated to the scientists specialising in the history of the 20th century and the Mediaeval history. More details about the job opportunities are provided on the Faculty website >> (in Polish, English and Ukrainian).


The Ukrainian scientists in mathematics and informatics, currently staying in Poland, or coming to Poland soon, who are interested in research work, are encouraged to contact Professor Stefan Dziembowski, the UW Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics. More information is provided on Twitter >>.


The UW Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies offers paid positions of visiting scientists, technical staff and students to the Ukrainian who specialise in physics, electronics, and mechatronics. More details in Polish and English, are provided on Twitter >>.


Prof. Michał Tomza and his colleagues from the Tomza Group on Quantum Molecular System invites Ukrainian scientists who specialise in quantum physics and chemistry for the scientific cooperation. The Centre for Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics  will cover the accommodation cost of the visiting scientists/professors in Warsaw for the coming weeks or months. More details in Polish and English are provided on: