University of Warsaw Translations

University support for translation into Ukrainian
  • Didactic material to teach and learn Polish

The Open University together with the Centre for Research on Culture of Warsaw prepared and released didactic material for teaching and learning of the Polish language by the Ukrainians. The choice of the material is made by its glottodidactic content. Each material is properly described and accompanied with didactic material for teachers. The material published is also linked to the Ukrainian-Polish dictionary. The material is directed to children, teenagers, students and teachers, and is available free of charge on the Open University website >>.   (only in Polish).


  • Ukrainian in medicine and law

The Language Support Centre at the Department of Ukrainian Studies, Faculty of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw, offers free assistance in foreign language translating for special purposes, i.e. medical, legal etc. Under the Programmes “Tandem” and “Spotkajmy się”, Ukrainian citizens are offered help in the Polish language education, as well as in learning Polish culture in the everyday life. More details are presented on the website of the Department of Ukrainian Studies >> (only in Polish).


  • Textbook for learning and teaching Polish to children and teenagers

Academics from the UW Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners “Polonicum”, prepared a textbook for Ukrainian children and teenagers who want to learn Polish. The textbook entitled “Raz, dwa, trzy i po polsku mówisz Ty!” comprises five books corresponding to five proficiency levels. Each book has supplements for teachers. Although the textbook was prepared for the education of the Polish language in Ukraine a few years ago, the materials can be used successfully as a self-study guide. The textbook was issued by the University of Warsaw Press, the “Wolność i Demokracja” Foundation, and the UW Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners “Polonicum”, in cooperation with the Methodological Centre for Teaching Polish in Drohobycz. The textbook is authorised by the Ministry of Education and Science, Ukraine. The free download of the materials is available on the website of the “Wolność and Demokracja” Foundation >> (only in Polish).


  • Volunteers with Ukrainian and Russian needed

In cooperation with the Office for Foreigners of the Masovian Voivodship Office in Warsaw, the UW Centre for Europe and the UW Faculty of Political Science and International Studies are seeking for volunteers who can communicate in Ukrainian and Russian to provide the administrative support to Ukrainian citizens. More information is available on the UW Centre for Europe website >> (only in Polish).