University of Warsaw Donations

Information on the emergency collection to help provide humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees, organised by the UW departments.
  • Support for the refugees

The UW Institute of Polish Culture is collecting items for 31 families from Ukraine staying in Warsaw now. The list of needed items is provided on the Institute FB profile >> (only in Polish).


Until 11th March, the UW Faculty of Philosophy together with the Polish Red Cross, the Masovian District, was collecting long-lasting food items, toiletries, healthcare products, blankets and sleeping bags. The collection point was open every day from 10.00 at 3 Krakowskie Przedmieście, room no. 7 on the ground floor. More details are available on the Faculty website >> (only in Polish).


The humanitarian assistance is being organised by the UW Faculty of Political Science and International Studies together with the HumanDoc Foundation. The collection point is open seven days a week from 8.00 to 20.00 in the Faculty building at 67 Nowy Świat, level -1. Only the listed items are accepted. The list in the English language is updated on the Faculty website >>


Emergency supplies for the Ukrainian are being collected by the UW Student Council together with the UW Doctoral Candidate Council, UW Volunteer Centre and UW Open University. Donations can be left in room 100 of the UW Student Council building, the UW Main Campus at 24 Krakowskie Przedmieście, between 8.00-20.00 (Mon-Fri) and 10.00-18.00 (Sat-Sun). More details are given on the UW Student Council website >>. The necessary items are being collected Mon-Fri, 9.00-17.30, at the University Volunteer Centre, in the building of the UW Library at 56/66 Dobra Street. More information is provided in the Student Council FB profile >>. The initiative is also joined by the Student Councils from the other UW Faculties: WGiSRMIMWDiB and VC UW.


Donations in kind are being collected by the UW Faculty of Management and the Student Council of the UW Faculty of Management, together with the Municipal Office of the Capital City of Warsaw. Non-cash charitable contributions, such as food and essential supplies, can be delivered to the ground floor of the “C” building, the Faculty of Management, 1/3 Szturmowa Street, Warsaw. More details are available on the Faculty website >> (only in Polish).


  • Medical equipment, collections for the military and injuried people

The UW Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology is raising funds for their partner University in Ivano-Frankivsk. Recently the Ukrainian university has become a refugee camp for the people who had to flee from the eastern part of the country and Kiev. The collected money will be spent on medicines, bandages, wound dressings, toiletries etc. After 22nd March the raised funds will be transferred to the bank account of the University in Ivano-Frankivsk. More information about the fundraising is provided on the Institute website >> (only in Polish).


On 4th March, the Department of Ukrainian Studies launched another collection of items such as surgical gloves, elastic bandages, compression bandages, tourniquets, analgesics and  anti-inflammatory medicines. Convoys with the humanitarian aid will deliver the collected items to the Ukrainians in need. More details of the collection is provided on the Department website >>


The emergency supplies for hospitals, paramedics, soldiers and refugees from Ukraine are being collected by the UW Faculty of Physics. The products can be delivered to room 1.12, 1st floor, next to the Dean’s office, between 7.00-20.00, the Faculty building at 5 Pasteura Street, the Ochota campus. Large-size items, e.g. cardboard boxes, stretchers, should be delivered between 8.00-16.00 to the room 0.18 on the ground floor. More information in Ukrainian, Polish and English is available on the Faculty website >>


The UW Centre for Europe, has launched collections for the military and citizens sheltering in the underground stations in Ukraine. The collected items will be transferred to those in need within the Ukrainian territory. Emergency aid items include sleeping bags, pillows, and medical equipment and dressing such as bandages, antiseptics, analgesics, trauma and pain relief creams. The collection point is located in the building of the UW Centre for Europe, 11 Niepodległości Ave. The point is open from Monday to Thursday between 8.00-15.00, room 210, and Friday between 8.00-15.00, room 202 (Dean’s office). The list of items and contact details to persons directly in charge of the action are available on the UW Centre for Europe website >> (only in Polish)


  • Finished collections

Between 28th February and 3rd March, the UW Faculty of Polish Studies organised the action called #PolonDlaUkrainy. Under the action, food, hygiene products and other essential supplies were collected.  All the gathered items were delivered to the Reception Point in Chełm, and then to Dorohusk, where Ukrainian refugees are offered humanitarian assistance, medical aid, accommodation, etc. During the action we collected: 69 foam mattresses, 30 sleeping bags, 42 cardboard boxes of food for children, 38 boxes of nappies, 30 first aid kits, 14 cardboard boxes of medicines. The emergency aid supplies were collected in the main building of the Faculty of Polish Studies, the UW Main Campus at 26/28 Krakowskie Przedmieście. More information is provided on the Faculty FB profile >>.


This initiative was also supported by the UW Faculty of the Economic Sciences. Items were collected in the Faculty building at 44/50 Długa Street. More details in English are provided on the Faculty website >>. The action was joined by the Faculty of Archaeology, the Faculty of Oriental Studies, the Physical Education and Sports Centre, and the Student Hall of Residence No. 6 at Radomska Street.