Until 7th September, it was possible to see the exhibition “Today a book, tomorrow a weapon” prepared by the Students’ Council of the University of Warsaw. It deals with the issue of Ukrainian students fighting in the war.

Mykhailo Dashchenko is studying European Studies at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw. He organised the exhibition “Today a book, tomorrow a weapon” together with other Ukrainian students and the Students’ Council of the University of Warsaw. In spring, it was located on the main campus. Recently, it has been moved in front of the Museum of the University of Warsaw.


The exhibition “Today a book, tomorrow a weapon” is a sign of support for the Ukrainian foundation Збережи життя в Україні, which specialises in providing medical equipment directly to active combat zones. On each board there is a QR code with a link to the foundation’s website.


“We want all to see that the war affects everybody, including students,” Mykhailo Dashchenko says.


The exhibition features stories of students who have defended their fatherland during the Russian invasion.

I decided to join the ranks of the defenders of Ukraine just after the first warnings in the media. However, on the first day of the full-scale invasion, I was rejected at the local military headquarters because of my young age (19). For several weeks, I did volunteer duties at the same military base to at least help in some way. Later, an opportunity came to join the “Azov” regiment, which I took advantage of, and I am still in this unit today. I regard my decision as a direct duty to the state and the nation. I plan to return to my studies and peaceful life after our complete victory. During my stay in the regiment and directly in the combat zone, I understood many things that are important in life and gained important experience for myself,” says 20-year-old Bohdan Sydoruk, International Relations student of the National University of Ostroh Academy.


Unissued diplomas

The University of Warsaw’s community also hosted another exhibition “Unissued diplomas”. It tells stories of the Ukrainian students who died during the war. The exhibition is a part of a wider initiative, which unites Ukrainian students around the world. Their goal is to remind people what is happening right now in Ukraine.