121 employees of the University of Warsaw will be obtaining increased salary for one year. The UW rector granted diplomas to scholars who contributed to the development of the UW faculties and units.


It has been a second edition of the support programme dedicated to university’s researchers and academic teachers who were recognized on account of their achievements.


– There are people, who are involved in creating the image of their faculties, units and the whole University. It concerns variety of activities: extremely interesting research, unique lectures, seminars and different academic initiatives – explained Prof. Marcin Pałys, the UW Rector during the ceremony. – Each activity causes that a faculty and the University is recognized as an institution with great ideas – added.


Candidates were put forward by deans and heads of units of the University and selected by a special board. The number of chosen employees of particular units was proportional to the number of grants received by these units.


Recognized scholars will be obtaining 1500 PLN more to their monthly salary.