Wojciech Makowski, student of the University of Warsaw, won a silver medal in the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympics. Blind swimmer was competing in 100m backstroke.

The athlete is one of the 90 representatives of Poland in the 15th Summer Paralympics Games in Brasil. Wojciech Makowski’s time of 1:08.28 came second to a new world record of 1:06.66 by Ukrainian Dmytro Zalevskyi.


Silver medallist studies Management, second cycle programme at the University of Warsaw. Besides studies, he has many achievements in swimming:

  • in 2014, he won a bronze medal in 100m freestyle in the European Swimming Championships in Eindhoven,
  • in 2015, he won a bronze medal in 100m backstroke in Glasgow 2015 IPC Swimming World Championships,
  • in 2016, he won two medals: gold in 100m backstroke and bronze in 100m freestyle in the 2016 IPC Swimming European Open Championships in Funchal.


Paralympian is slated to swim two more events with the 100m freestyle and 50m freestyle still on the docket.