From 25th September to 27th September the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the UW coorganizes the international conference on Neo-Aramaic Dialectology: Jews, Christian and Mandaeans.


 The conference continues the main themes and topics discussed in Cambridge and Jerusalem in the previous years, concentrating on the linguistic aspects of the Aramaic speaking communities of Jews, Christians and Mandaeans. The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for researchers to share and discuss both the notions fresh from the field, as well as new perspectives on language and literature.


The conference consists of 10 sessions:

  • Script, Orthography and Language Standardisation,
  • Syntax and Semantics,
  • Morphology and Morphosyntax,
  • Oral and Written Literature,
  • Lexicography and Etymology,
  • Language Documentation,
  • Neo-Aramaic in a Diachronic Perspective,
  • Neo-Aramaic in a Diachronic Perspective Continued,
  • Phonology and Language Contact,
  • Round Table Discussion.


All sessions will take place in the building of the Warsaw University Library (Dobra Street 56/66, room 315).


Detailed programme