The University of Warsaw hosted diplomats and representatives of universities and research institutions of Uzbekistan and Peru on 23rd and 28th June, respectively.

Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, UW Rector, was discussing further cooperation with Tashkent Medical Academy, Urgench State University, Tashkent State Dental Institute, Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers, and Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages. The meeting was also joined by Komilzhon Karimov, Deputy Minister of Kyrgyz Republic, Morzhokhid Alikulov of the Uzbekistan Embassy in Poland, and representatives of the Medical University of Wrocław, Poland.


The previous cooperation agreement was signed with the National University of Uzbekistan and covered mainly the collaboration with the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw. Within 2012–2013,  the UW faculties:  “Artes Liberales”, Biology, and Chemistry worked together with Samarkand State University. The Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan was a partner institution to the UW Faculty of Biology for the years of 2013–2018.


Beyond archaeology

On 28th June, Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, UW Rector, met the representatives of Universidad Católica de Santa María: Dr Jorge Luis Cáceres Arce, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, and Dr Máximo Orlando Mario Rondón Rondón, Vice-Rector for Research, to trigger the cooperation between the University of Warsaw and the Peruvian university. From the Polish side, the meeting was joined by Prof. Mariusz Ziółkowski, Director of the UW Centre for Andean Studies, as well as Prof. Ewa Bulska, Director, and Konrad Zawadzki, Deputy Director of the UW Biological and Chemical Research Centre.


The UW has already been doing the research works in archaeology with the Catholic University of Santa Maria in Arequipa, Peru. Now the joint scientific activities are developing in the areas of natural and exact sciences, with biology, chemistry and genetics, in particular.