2 085 students live in the UW dormitories in this academic year. Currently, 1 115 are there. The University of Warsaw made recommendations for students considering coming back to their residence halls.

According to the Order of the Rector of the University of Warsaw on prevention of the spread of coronavirus, lectures and classes are suspended, except these conducted online. As the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate published recommendations, encouraging students to leave their residence halls, many followed them. Now, some of the students are thinking of returning. The University of Warsaw made recommendations for students encouraging them to stay temporarily at their homes or alternate locations.


Students are advised to wait until the university authorities decide on the way of conducting classes as of 14th April.


In the case of necessity to come back, returning students must notify this fact, by e-mail, to the heads of residence halls and fill in a questionnaire on arrival regarding the time while being out of the residence halls. It will allow to take appropriate safety measures up. Contact details to the UW residence halls are available on the Office for Student Affairs website.


Those who have stayed at the residence halls are very responsible and self-disciplined. Therefore all who have left are requested to be responsible too and take the necessary precautions. The UW request comes from protecting the health and well-being of all inhabitants and employees of residence halls.