From 9th to 20th May the American Studies Center organizes open weeks. Candidates can come and take part in lectures and seminars.

The ASC is one of the biggest American Studies departments in Europe. It offers interdisciplinary perspectives on the U.S. culture, politics and society.


Academic teachers from the American Studies Center of the University of Warsaw will deliver 18 lectures on BA and MA level. Among them are:

  • “Disability in Contemporary and 20th Cent. American Culture”,
  • “History of Women in the US”,
  • “American Political Parties: the Past and the Present”,
  • “Images of Native Americans”,
  • “Rock’n’Roll: Its History, and Place in Am. Society”,
  • “The Creation of the American Constitution”,
  • “US and the World”,
  • “African-American History”.


Lectures will be held from 9th to 20th May in the American Studies Center of the UW (Niepodległości 22, 3rd floor).


The schedule of the open weeks at the ASC of the UW is available on the website of the American Studies Center.