Heidelberg University offers an online self-study course on research-based learning. The self-paced workshop is open to doctoral candidates and academics of 4EU+ member universities, including the University of Warsaw. On 21st May and 4th June, the Digital Open Hour will be held.

This workshop is devoted to academic teachers of all disciplines as well as instructional designers and educational developers. It is a self-paced course that takes about three hours and includes theoretical input phases as well as practical tasks. A section on “Didactical Basics” aiming at refreshing knowledge on learning in higher education is also part of the course.


The course is organised in MS Teams Heidelberg. It will provide doctoral candidates and academics with introductory videos, material and worksheets.

The course participants will be able to:
  • Reflect different definitions of research-based learning and describe their understanding of this didactic principle,
  • Locate their university’s approach to RBL in the context of Healey and Jenkins’ definition of research-based learning,
  • Explicitly describe the research cycle for their discipline,
  • Identify student activities that are part of the research cycle,
  • Plan measures to further enhance RBL at their university.

To take part in the course, one needs to send their MS Teams email address to the following addresses:

· anne.schindel(at)zuv.uni-heidelberg.de,

· eggensperger(at)uni-heidelberg.de.


Digital Open Hour

The Digital Open Hour, where participants will be discussing didactic methods, will take place on 21st May and 4th June at 1 p.m.