On 17th June an exclusive webinar with Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Aaron Ciechanover will take place. The session will be an interview and audience Q&A on the topic of “Are we in the midst of a knowledge crisis? The role of science in society”.

Prof. Aaron Ciechanover is an Israeli biologist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry “for the discovery of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation”. He shared this prize with Prof. Avram Hershko and Prof. Irwin Rose. More >>


On 15th November 2011, Prof. Ciechanover received the doctor honoris causa degree of the University of Warsaw and Warsaw University of Technology.

The webinar on 17th June is divided into two parts.
  • From 09:00 to10:15 the online Q&A on the topic of “Are we in the midst of a knowledge crisis? The role of science in society” will take place. The discussion will explore the role played by science and scientists in society’s response to contemporary challenges. In the face of overwhelming amounts of information and disinformation, what can science and scientists do to help individuals, and society, make the best choices to shape the path ahead. In this conversation, Prof. Aaron Ciechanover will be exploring the role that science and scientists play in creating, sharing and comprehending knowledge. Please confirm your attendance by registering. Please register early as spaces may be limited.


  • Later, from 14:00 to15:00 a closed session with a limited number of students, doctoral candidates and academic staff will be held. Early-career researchers can put their questions during Q&A on “Being a Scientist”. The session will be informal. Popular topics include scientific publishing, applying for jobs in research, creativity in science and the laureate’s experiences since receiving the Nobel Prize.

If it comes to the closed meeting, there are eight places dedicated to UW students, doctoral candidates and employees. Those who would like to participate in the meeting are invited to send an application to Prof. Zbigniew Rogulski from the Faculty of Chemistry. Applications should contain information on the status of the applicant at UW, the thematic area of activity and the reasons why the person would like to attend the meeting. Applications need to be written in English (up to ten sentences) and sent by 14th June to rogul@chem.uw.edu.pl. Selected applicants will be informed about this fact on 15th June.


The event is part of the Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative, a global programme designed to help Nobel Laureates share their inspirational stories and insights. It is organised by Nobel Media, in partnership with AstraZeneca. It will be held in association with Jagiellonian University, Warsaw Medical University and the University of Warsaw (Faculty of Chemistry). Prof. Zbigniew Rogulski is responsible for the organisation of the event within the “Initiative of Excellence – Research University” (POB1).