On 19th October the University of Warsaw has opened the European Centre for Geological Education (ECEG) in Chęciny in the Holy Cross Mountains.

The centre is located in the area of the oldest rocks, counting over 500 milion years. Chęciny lies on the border between two very important geological units of the HolyCross Mountains: the Palaeozoic Core and the Permian-MezozoicMargin.


The ECEG is composed of five buildings of similar size and height, connected by ground-level passages. Their total area is 6.3 thousand square metres.


In the centre geologists will be able to not only collect valuable samples, but also prepare and analyse them in specialised laboratories. The centre houses a geological sample preparation lab, chemical, geophysical, geological mapping and microscope labs. Also palaeomagnetic laboratory, cut off from the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field, is ready. The centre is equipped with electric resistivity tomography equipment and ground-penetrating radar, among other devices.


It is true that geologists can not learn geology from behind a desk, therefore after finishing first year, geology students undergo obligatory field training. First students came to Chęciny in July.


The centre will be available for both students and staff of the University of Warsaw and for the guests from the outside of the academia. The centre plans to launch geology courses for children, teenagers and adults.