The University Council held its meeting on 15th-17th September. Participants were talking about programmes and initiatives that are strategic for the development of UW.

Members of the University Council met with the University of Warsaw rector, vice-rectors, chancellor and vice-chancellors as well as the representatives of faculties and research units, including Centre of New Technologies, Biological and Chemical Research Centre, Digital Economy Lab and Centre of Migration Research.


The UW Council had an opportunity to meet with the members of the University Council of the Medical University of Warsaw. Both universities aim to strengthen their collaboration and create a federation in the future. At the meeting, members of two councils could discuss the benefits and challenges related to this plan.


Discussions were related to the strategically important initiatives and programmes for UW, e.g. the collaboration within the 4EU+ Alliance that was selected as a pilot „European University”, the multi-annual development plan ”The University of Warsaw 2016-2025”, the University’s Integrated Development Programme (2018-2022), and the UW participation in “Strategy for excellence – the research university”.


During the event, the UW Council enacted the Rules of the University Council.


The University Council is a collegial body that was introduced to Poland’s higher education system by the Law on Higher Education and Science. The University Council of the University of Warsaw was appointed by the UW Senate on 15th May. It comprises seven members: Prof. Janusz Bujnicki(Chairman), Prof. Pearl Dykstra, Prof. Poul Holm, Prof. Krzysztof Redlich, Marynika Woroszylska-Sapieha, Katarzyna Zajdel-Kurowska, and Kamil Bonas (UW Student Union President).