UW scientists create a web portal – Climate Science (“Nauka o klimacie”) – where, together with the most eminent Polish climate experts, present the foundations of climate and global warming science. From 1st to 7th June, one can watch a film “It is Okay to Panic”, in which Prof. Szymon Malinowski, cofounder of the portal, explains why he worries that climate change may cause human civilisation to collapse in the coming decades.

Prof. Szymon Malinowski works at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw. His research interests concern phenomena related to clouds, including artificial ones, released by cooling towers and chimneys of large power plants. For years he has been raising the alarm about climate change and the threats people face.


Is there any sense of thinking about life beyond the next few decades? This question appeared in the film with Prof. Szymon Malinowski entitled “It is Okay to Panic”.

I fear that my generation will be the last to experience a stable climate. People don’t have knowledge, they have opinions. They think they know better, but they don’t. And someone has to straighten it out. My experience is that the system can change suddenly. Something is changing whether we want it or not. Let’s do something with this planet, and with ourselves,” says Prof. Szymon Malinowski in the trailer of the climate documentary.

The scientist wants to encourage others to act and curb climate change.


The film entitled “It’s Okay to Panic” will be available on YouTube from 1st to 7th June. More information >>

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