Prof. Paweł Kaczmarczyk from the Faculty of Economic Sciences, the University of Warsaw, the director of the UW’s Centre of Migration Research is one of the laureates of the Internationalisation Stars 2024. Heybat Naghiyev, a student of the English-language master’s programme in International Economics was selected the best international student in Poland.

Internationalisation Stars is a distinction awarded to individuals who have outstanding achievements in activities supporting the internationalisation of Polish higher education institutions. Candidates can be nominated by university authorities and organisations involved in internationalisation, as well as academic teachers, doctoral candidates or students. The awards are granted in nine categories: Management Star, Development Star, Teaching Star, Marketing Star, Research Star, Public Diplomacy Star, Rising Star and Distinguished Star.


Researcher of migrant reality

Prof. Paweł Kaczmarczyk from the Faculty of Economic Sciences, the University of Warsaw, the director of the UW’s Centre of Migration Research was selected by the award chapter as the Research Star. The laureates of this category are researchers who focus in their studies on internationalisation of higher education in Poland and the world.


Prof. Kaczmarczyk explained what factors are crucial in the work of a researcher.

Undoubtedly, one of them is curiosity and the constant desire to learn about different dimensions of reality. Another is openness and the ability to explore interdisciplinarily, which is key for the contemporary social sciences. Next, willingness to subject the results of our work to the evaluation of others, because, after all, this is the essence of research and scientific work, and to use this criticism on the way to scientific excellence. Finally, patience, as it seems to be essential in this work, the awarded scientist explained.

Prof. Paweł Kaczmarczyk investigates the economics of migration, in particular the causes and consequences of international labour migration, the relationship between mobility and the labour market, and issues related to migration policy. Since 2016, he has headed the Centre of  Migration Research of the University of Warsaw.

I consider this award an extraordinary distinction, not on an individual level, but rather as a tribute to the migration research community in Poland, in particular to the researchers of the UW’s Centre of Migration Research. The Centre, which celebrated its thirtieth anniversary last year, is a unique example in Polish terms of an institution operating in the field of social sciences that focuses almost exclusively on research work,” Prof. Kaczmarczyk pointed out, adding: “During these three decades, the Centre of Migration Research has become a research lab for mobility and social change in Poland and beyond. The fact that this approach makes sense is demonstrated not only by the current size of the Centre, which now includes around seventy researchers, but also by becoming one of the largest and most important research institutes dealing with migration issues in Europe. From the beginning, we have tried to make our research relevant to the situation of Poland or Central and Eastern Europe, while addressing key questions asked by the best researchers from abroad, contributing to the global discussion on mobility migration. I think this is one of the important elements that the award chapter appreciated.

The researcher is a member of various institutions dealing with migration issues, including the Committee on Migration Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Committee on Demographic Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences or the IMISCOE network. He also cooperates with international institutions, including the European Commission, the World Bank and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.


More information on the laureates of the Internationalisation Stars can be found on the website of the “Perspektywy” Education Foundation.


The best international student in Poland

Interstudent is a competition organised by the Perspektywy Education Foundation. It aims to select the best international students studying at Polish universities. Winners are chosen in three categories: at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels.


The competition seeks to distinguish the “university leaders”, who contribute to the integration of Polish and International students by building bridges between cultures and enriching Polish academic environment. The students’ outstanding cultural, social, environmental or sports activity, alongside good academic performance, are the requirements for participation.


In the 14th edition of the Interstudent competition, the Jury selected Heybat Naghiyev from the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw as the best master student in Poland.


Heybat Naghiyev comes from Azerbaijan. He speaks five languages: Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, English and Polish. He started studying Finance, International Investment and Accounting at the UW in a remote mode in 2020. In his second year, he came to Warsaw, where he began learning Polish. While in his third year, Heybat Naghiyev decided to actively take part in student life at the University, including the Residents’ Council of Student House No. 3 “Kic”, the Students’ Council, and the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw.

I enjoy helping others and getting involved in various projects. In 2022, as a volunteer of the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw, I was responsible for the preparation of an Azerbaijani stand presenting my country’s culture during the “Miasteczko na styku kultur – Cultural Hot Spot”. One year later, I co-ordinated the event on behalf of the UW Students’ Union Board, Heybat Naghiyev said.

The winner of the Interstudent competition from the UW is currently studying International Economics and combining his studies with work in the UW’s Office of Academic and Student Affairs (BOK UW).

In Welcome Point, which is part of the UW’s Office of Academic and Student Affairs, I support UW international students, doctoral candidates and academic employees during their stay in Poland and at the University. We organise numerous workshops and events which aim to help them get to know the new reality, Heybat Naghiyev explained.

The best international student in Poland currently serves as President of the Internationalisation Commission in the Students’ Council of the University of Warsaw. He is a representative of the UW in the 4EU+ Alliance Student Committee.


Heybat Naghiyev willingly participates in numerous student activities, e.g. the UNICOMM project (University Community Active Participation Project) – he represented the UW at the online conference entitled “Student Engagement in Focus” regarding student participation in non-academic activities, and was an expert in student activity engagement at the “Masterclass on Community Building”. Last December, he co-organised the “4EU+ for Ukraine” conference at the UW.

Through my engagement in various initiatives, I have an impact on promoting integration and mutual understanding among the university community. These activities also broaden my horizons. I think that doing something more than studying brings me immense satisfaction, the awarded UW student pointed out.

The award was presented on 8th February during the International Students in Poland 2024 conference.