How to apply for the UW electronic student card? What is USOS and how to register for courses? Where to go if you need to see a doctor? These and more questions were answered today during the information meeting for incoming students which took place in the Old Library Building. 370 new international students will start their education at UW. The new semester begins on 16th February.

The UW International Relations Office organised the information meeting for all international students who will get an education at UW. Its aim was to provide students with essential information regarding studies, the university and all procedures. Participants learnt, e.g. how to register for courses, how to use eduroam (wireless network), apply for health insurance and what the UW Psychological Centre is and how to get professional and friendly psychological assistance there.


Students could also find out about the offer of Polonicum Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners and learnt the first word in Polish – “dzień dobry” (good morning).


This week international students do not attend classes, however, they can sign up for the Orientation Week events such as the library tour or campus tour. The University of Warsaw Library invited students to use its rich collection of volumes and databases, and to take the library tour.


The representative of the ESN UW presented some upcoming events and informed students about the Mentor programme.


At the meeting, there was also a short presentation of a representative of the city of Warsaw from the Warsaw Tourist Office who told participants about public transportation in Warsaw, tickets as well as the 10 top attractions in the capital of Poland.

“I think that today’s meeting was very important. The UW team provided us with a lot of essential information on how to register for courses and arrange a bus ticket”, said Wu Jianing from the Xiamen University who will be studying political science at UW. “I came here because I want to learn about the political system in Poland and improve my English.”


“The University of Warsaw is really beautiful. I am going to discover various places here. I am looking forward to visiting the University of Warsaw Library, including its rooftop garden,”explained Alfredo Micoloni from the University of Salerno.


“I study psychology at the University of Mainz, however, I am originally from Berlin, and I must admit that Warsaw is some kind of similar city like Berlin. I feel here like at home,” stressed Anna Troeger from Germany.”