Two 2-year grants are addressed to women interested in conducting master’s studies focused on machine learning at the University of Warsaw. The application deadline has been extended to 26th October.


The DeepMind Scholarship Program gives talented students from underrepresented backgrounds an opportunity  to connect with its researchers and engineers and to study and conduct research in machine learning at leading universities. In the academic year 2021/2022, two scholarships will be awarded to women interested in master’s studies at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw, willing to  specialize in machine learning and conduct scientific research in this field.


Another initiative that aims to increase diversity in this field is the Eastern European Machine Learning (EEML) Summer School, organized annually by DeepMind researchers.


Together for the development of artificial intelligence

“We are happy to continue working with DeepMind in this important scholarship program. Our department is determined to contribute to the elimination of barriers that prevent women from advancing a career in computer science,” says Prof. Paweł Strzelecki, dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw.


Zuzanna Kwiatkowska, laureate of the first edition of the program, cooperates with Dr. Jacek Cyranka (WMIM UW) and dr. Mateusz Malinowski (DeepMind). Her research interests include deep audio learning and topological data analysis. “I am delighted to work with Zuzanna and help her expand her knowledge and build a career in the field of machine learning and signal processing. DeepMind is an excellent opportunity to enable talented students to collaborate with DeepMind researchers and access international and world-class AI research. As Poland has a good level of education in the field of computer science and mathematics, it can also have a great impact on the development of artificial intelligence,” says Dr. Malinowski.


Dr. Michael Figurnov (DeepMind) is mentoring another laureate, Adriana Bukała. Together with prof. Anna Gambin (WMIM UW) they collaborate on the use of machine learning techniques in the development of the generation of new antimicrobial peptides. “I am very excited about mentoring Adriana. I hope my advice helps Adriana develop as a scientist and expand her knowledge of machine learning,” says Dr. Figurnov.


DeepMind Scholarships – Applications

Scholarships will be awarded to two selected students who will be completing their master’s studies focusing on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Warsaw in the years 2021–2023. Prospective applicants are asked to read the regulations (in Polish) and send their application to the address deepmindfellow(at) by 26th October. Information about the program is also available on the WMIM UW website.