The University of Warsaw published a “Guide to the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the University of Warsaw”. The document is now available online in English and contains a list of rules and procedures at the UW, as well as recommendations and advice on preventing and reacting in situations of sexual harassment.

The guide and its recommendations and procedures reflect the ethical standards of the University of Warsaw, including mutual respect and equal treatment of all members of the academic community and non-acceptance of sexual harassment.


Treating people with mutual respect is a fundamental principle of the University of Warsaw community. Every person should feel safe studying and working on our campus. Sexual harassment is against the law because it is a form of discrimination on the grounds of gender. It is also against the values of University of Warsaw – indicate the authors of the publication.


The guide provides information on:

  • Definitions and examples of sexual harassment,
  • What to do when experienced sexual harassment or witnessed it,
  • The possibility of obtaining support, methods and procedures for reporting sexual harassment to university institutions,
  • Inappropriate and forbidden emotional and intimate relationships at the university.


The publication “Guide to the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the University of Warsaw” was prepared by:
  • Anna Cybulko, UW Academic Ombudsman;
  • Julia Kubisa, UW Equality Specialist;
  • Paweł Łuków, Chairperson of the Anti-Mobbing Committee at UW (2016-2020);
  • Tadeusz Tomaszewski, Chairperson of the Disciplinary Commission at UW (2016-2020);
  • Eleonora Zielińska, UW Faculty of Law and Administration;
  • Bożena Chołuj, Member of the Rector’s Committee for Preventing Discrimination at UW (2016-2020);
  • Natalia Broniarczyk, UW Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Resocialization;
  • Antonina Lewandowska, Consultant on Sexual Violence in the UW Student Ombudsman Team;
  • Borys Tencer, Member of the Consultant’s on the Sexual Violence Team in the UW Student Ombudsman Team;
  • Katarzyna Wardzyńska, UW Student Ombudsman (2020);
Where to look for support?


For additional support:
  • UW Psychological Counselling Centre tel. 694 711 731

Earlier this year, University of Warsaw adopted its Gender Equality Plan – an action strategy for UW in the years 2020-2023. The document was created as a result of expert consultations reflecting good practices from European institutions. UW was the first university in Poland to adopt the GEP. The strategy envisages the implementation of the Anti-Discrimination Procedure, which will enable formal complaint proceedings both by the person who has experienced discrimination and by heads of the units to ensure safe reporting and prevention of sexual harassment and discrimination. More information >>