Film production “Faras 3D” was appreciated in the prestigious Media & Technology MUSE Awards 2015. The Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw (PCMA) took part in that movie.

The “Faras 3D” received Honorable Mentions in the Video, Film and Computer Animation category. Film production was made for the National Museum in Warsaw. From October 2014 on visitors can see “Faras 3D” in the Faras Gallery in that museum. The gallery is the only permanent exhibition in Europe, housing a unique collection of Nubian art and culture from the Christian period.


The “Faras 3D” shows the Faras cathedral and presents the achievements of its discover – Professor Kazimierz Michałowski – a Polish archaeologist and egyptologist, founder and nestor of Polish archaeology in the Mediterranean. In 1959 he established the Research Station of Mediterranean Archeology in Cairo.



The stereoscopic 3D visualization allows viewers to visit the cathedral, which disappeared under the Nile waters over a century ago. Modern animation techniques allowed the cathedral to be recreated in its original state, as it could be seen by the inhabitants of ancient Nubia.


Media & Technology MUSE Awards 2015 is called “Museum Oscars”. The aim of this prize is to reward these projects, which use new technologies, try to enrich base of the content and emotional side of an exhibition.  


More information concerning the Faras 3D” on the website of National Museum in Warsaw.