The 2015 registration process in University of Warsaw is open. Below please find the key information for applicants.


Which programmes of the University of Warsaw are held in the English language?

The University provides a number of programmes held entirely in English. If you are interested in studying in the English language, you may choose:


Applied petroleum geosciences




English studies

Environmental management

European administration

Finance, investments and accounting

Humanitarian action

International business program

International relations

Internal security

Journalism and communication studies


Political science


Teaching English to young learners

U.S. cultural studies
International applicants may also choose to sign up for a programme in the Polish language. There are over 100 courses available in the catalogue from the fields of humanities, social, natural and exact sciences.


In Polish-language courses, students are also offered a selection of some 2,000 subjects taught in foreign languages.


Are there any new programmes this year?

Yes – two of them are held entirely in English. In the academic year 2015/16, you can apply for the first time to the following programmes:


Applied petroleum geosciences (English)

Humanitarian action (English)

Geophysics in geology (Polish)

Language and society: interdisciplinary study of discourse (Polish)


Where can I register and what are the rules of admission?

Registration is online only, via the online candidate registration (IRK) website, where you will also find the admission rules and procedures for each programme. Some programmes require the candidates to pass oral examinations – online examinations may be arranged for international candidates.

Admissions step by step


When and how will I learn about the results?

The information about the admission results will be displayed on the individual account of each candidate in the IRK system. The results for the majority of programmes will be announced on July 11, at 2:00 p.m.