DELab UW invites to the international conference ‘Digital Ecosystems’. The conference will take place on June 29 at the University of Warsaw.

The digital revolution is resulting in social, economic and political transformations. These changes are often conceptualized using the term ‘digital ecosystem’ – understood/conceived as infosphere enriched by social and economic values.


Organizers propose the notion of ‘digital ecosystem’ as the starting point of analysis for new interdisciplinary approaches, both theoretical and applied. They would like to concentrate on same questions e.g.: Are the contemporary environments of work, economy, science, culture, politics and information becoming digital ecosystems? And how is the digital revolution influencing economic agents and therefore economic relations?


During ‘Digital Ecosystems’ international conference organizers will address these and many other related questions. They would like to invite all those interested to take part in reflexive analysis of the fundamental changes in how people understand the social, economic and scientific realities.


Organizers welcome oral presentations and posters. Deadline for online abstract submission: 31 March 2015. More information