The UW has started admission procedures for doctoral candidates. The application deadline is 19th June. The registration is carried out via the IRK system.

There are four doctoral schools operating at the University of Warsaw: the Doctoral School of Humanities, the Doctoral School of Social Sciences, the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences and the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School. More than 1 200 doctoral candidates are currently studying there, preparing dissertations from 24 scientific disciplines.


The doctoral candidates starting their courses on 1st October 2023 will have the opportunity to follow a new programme of study. The new curriculum is a result of months of work, including numerous consultations and studies. It meets the needs of doctoral candidates and their supervisors.


The UW Doctoral School admissions are conducted electronically via the Internet Recruitment of Candidates (IRK) service. The registration period is open until 19th June. After that, the verification and assessment of candidates’ documents will begin. The next stage is exams (in the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences) and admissions interviews (in all schools). The first results of the recruitment will be available in late July/early August. There is also a fee for the participation in the recruitment process (PLN 200).


Open Day

On 18th March, the UW Doctoral Schools Open Day was held. The video coverage of the event is available on the website

It also contains information about the University of Warsaw’s offer for doctoral candidates, including social support, research funding, mobility opportunities, etc.


Up-to-date information on the admission procedures can be found on the Doctoral Schools’ website.


Scholarship to Start

The Scholarship to Start funded by the University of Warsaw is addressed to first year doctoral candidates at a doctoral school, who have achieved in the admissions procedure a point score that is in the top 20% of the results in a given discipline or within the educational program at a given doctoral school.



Finding a supervisor should precede the recruitment process to a doctoral school. Doctoral candidates can search through the database of the UW academics who are willing to perform the function of a doctoral dissertation supervisor.