The students and doctoral candidates of the University of Warsaw can sign up for new 4EU+ online courses, offered by Heidelberg University. The classes will be held in the summer semester 2022/2023.

Six universities of the 4EU+ Alliance (University of Warsaw, University of Geneva, Charles University, Heidelberg University, University of Milan and Sorbonne University) are offering online courses for the 4EU+ students and doctoral candidates. The registration for the Sorbonne University, Charles University, the University of Geneva, the University of Warsaw, and the University of Milan courses has already closed.


It is now possible to enrol for classes organised by Heidelberg University.


On the German language and the endocrine system

Heidelberg University offers 16 courses for the BA/MA students and doctoral candidates. They are devoted to such topics as psycholinguistics, German, the endocrine system and the minorities in Japan.


The application deadline is 31st March.

The full list of available courses as well as detailed information on the enrolment procedure can be found on the 4EU+ Student Portal.