Julia Jakubowska and Julia Jurkowska, students of Applications of Physics in Biology and Medicine, were granted “DeepMind Scholarships” in the third edition of the program. The scholarship is given to female researchers, interested in conducting master’s studies focused on machine learning at the University of Warsaw.


The DeepMind Scholarship Program enables talented individuals – from groups underrepresented in the AI area, including women – to enter studies at leading universities and provides tutoring services. As part of the scholarship, the winners will work with mentors from the University of Warsaw and DeepMind on building skills that will help them succeed in their graduate courses and beyond.


The first scholar is Julia Jakubowska, a first-year MSc student of Applications of Physics in Biology and Medicine with a specialization in neuroinformatics. For a few years now, she has been involved in numerous projects of the Neuroinformatics Science Club, where she serves as president.


“The field of my scientific interests includes neurosciences and technologies inspired by them. During my BS studies, I started exploring the matter of automatic classification based on electroencephalographic signal analysis. Further research and application of this topic is the main goal for my MS studies and later scientific career”, the scholar says.


Ms. Jakubowska has been also inquiring into the natural language processing field of study, mainly during her internship at Samsung R&D Institute in Warsaw, where she is working on developing an intelligent voice assistant.


The second scholar of “DeepMind Scholarships” program is Julia Jurkowska. She graduated from Bachelor’s Degree program in Applications of Physics in Biology and Medicine. She also specializes in neuroinformatics.


“In research I have been focused on the analysis of the EEG signal. I used that knowledge while working on my thesis to analyze an aperiodic component in the power spectrum of the signal from the dyslexic and typical-reading brain”, Ms. Jurkowska explains. “During my master’s studies in Applications of Physics in Biology and Medicine, I’m planning on identifying differences in EEG signals between mentioned groups, using explainable machine learning techniques. I have always been interested in issues related to medicine and psychology, therefore it is a dream come true for me to use programming skills in the development of these fields”, she adds.