A declaration on climate change was adopted on 28th May by the Council of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw. Psychologists appeal to the entire academic community to undertake all possible activities that are aimed at disseminating knowledge on the threats resulting from climate change.

At the meeting on 5th June, the declaration of the Faculty of Psychology was supported by the University Senate by acclamation.


The declaration states that “the Council of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw expresses its support for researchers dealing with the subject of climate change on Earth. Their position is included, among other things, in the declaration of the Geophysics Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences.


The Council of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw points out in the document that climate change is a problem that requires solutions not only at the environmental, but also at the social and cultural level.


The widespread acceptance of scientific knowledge is crucial to counteract the most serious consequences of the climate crisis. This is why the Council’s representatives appealed to the whole academic community to give the highest priority to climate change mitigation and to take all possible measures in this matter.


In particular, they called for disseminating knowledge about research results on climate change and considering these issues in the scientific work conducted in all disciplines.


The declaration also includes a postulate to undertake a broad discussion at the University of Warsaw and the in the entire Polish academic community, involving all disciplines, regarding the possibility of taking action aimed at mitigating climate change and preparing for its consequences.


Contact to the coordinator of the initiative, Dr. Magdalena Budziszewska: mbudzisz(at)psych.uw.edu.pl

Declaration on climate change adopted by the Council of the UW Faculty of Psychology